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Quarantine Lessons We All Need to Hear

Lots of time on our hands but no real place to go – #quarantinethoughts. Well, it may seem boring, but let’s try to change that. This can be a healthy time to reflect on our lives, relationships, careers, and personal growth. Here are a few important life lessons that we gathered to inspire you not just during your quarantine stay in Makati, but for your future endeavors as well.

Photo by: Oxa Roxa

1. Be humble.

Humble people are strong. They’re confident and know their strengths, but they don’t need to boast to the world about them. Instead of bragging, they let their actions speak for themselves. Always remember, the minute you start believing that you are the smartest person in the room is the minute you start failing! Relax, you do not need to be an expert in everything you do, and it is okay to request help when needed. We all have different experiences and come from diverse backgrounds, so we all have things to learn from each other.

2. Don’t take things personally.

Never take anything personally. When people treat you badly, it says nothing about you, but more about them. Our brains are hardwired to obsess over the things we hear, see, and feel, especially when it comes to what we perceive as criticism. However, there are times when it’s important to understand that taking things personally isn’t always the best approach. Here is a friendly reminder – give people the benefit of doubt. Sometimes, people just need to vent and release their frustrations on someone who will listen. Or, they are having a difficult day, or they didn’t get enough sleep last night, or they’re stressed out at work. Whatever the reason may be, don’t let their negative energy ruin your day. Instead, wish them well – that they will overcome whatever challenges they are experiencing. Who knows, you could just be the positive light they need.

3. Make your bed every day.

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

– Admiral William H. McRaven, University of Texas at Austin

Your morning has so much potential to be a great one—you’ve just slept off the stress of yesterday and got some fresh energy, and you’re ready to start the day in stride! But when you look around your bedroom, you are surrounded by chaos. Uh-oh, now that sets you up for an immediate feeling of discouragement and this energy is going to drag along with you throughout the day. Watch this short video that went viral years ago about why making your bed is more than just a simple chore – you will surely be inspired! When you are enjoying a quarantine stay in this boutique hotel in Makati, this could be an extremely useful habit to practice.

4. Take time for yourself

If you’ve been dealing with challenges at work or with family, you may be realizing that you need a moment to yourself to clear your head and get some space. We know that sometimes our relatives or colleagues can get on our nerves more than usual. So, while you are in this chic quarantine hotel in Makati, please know that it is okay to make this your “me-time” – and no, you are not being selfish by doing so. Read your favorite book, write in your journal, watch Netflix! Astoria Greenbelt’s rooms have full amenities and will help bring you back to your center. Also, the beds are so plush and smell so fresh! Take advantage of this moment.

5. Ground yourself in gratitude every day.

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude daily can improve your psychological health, increase your optimism, and boost your sleep. Gratitude is the foundation of lifelong happiness, and it’s one of the most powerful tools you have for achieving success in every aspect of your life. Even though it seems as though nothing is normal anymore, there is still so much that should make us appreciative — a roof over our heads, food on our table, enough money to pay our bills, a job when many don’t have one, friends who care about us, family who loves us unconditionally, health care workers putting their lives on the line for others, and many more! Take a moment to reflect – what are you grateful for today?

We hope that our compiled reminders will help you during these times. Bookmark this blog just in case you need a little nudge of positivity to get through the day. What else do you think we should add to our list? Let us know!

If you are looking for a place to quarantine before (or after) your trip, our boutique hotel in Makati is perfect place for that. Contact our Front Office team at (02) 8550-1111 local 8009/8018.

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