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Booking Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Deals at Astoria Greenbelt

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Planning your next city staycation but feeling unsure about the destination? Whether it’s a leisurely week-long vacation or a quick business trip, Astoria Greenbelt is the perfect boutique hotel for you! And guess what? We’ve got some insider tips to help you catch the best deals at the best hotel in Makati! We’ve handpicked the most useful suggestions and listed them here for your convenience. So, grab your favorite pen and get ready to note down these awesome recommendations before you head over to our Hotel in Makati—Astoria Greenbelt. Let’s make planning your getaway as fun as the trip itself!

Book directly through our website

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Booking directly through our website not only offers convenience but also unlocks exclusive perks, including special discounts. Often, room rates booked directly from our website are lower and include a complimentary breakfast buffet for 2 persons – a fantastic way to maximize your savings. Opting for room and breakfast bundles further sweetens the deal, ensuring you get the most value out of your stay! Visit our website at to know more!

Be aware of promotions and bank partnerships 

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Keep an eye out for special promotions and packages. Signing up for our electronic direct mail (EDM) or following us on our social media @astoriagreenbelt on Facebook and Instagram and @theastoriagroup on TikTok, can help you stay informed about our latest deals. Plus, with over eight bank partners we have, you will for sure find the best deals for you. To know more about the list of our partnered banks, please visit

Consider booking during off-peak season

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Have you ever tried going on a vacation during the off-peak season? If not, now’s the perfect time to consider it! Opting for travel during off-peak seasons or weekdays often means scoring lower rates. We highly recommend keeping your travel dates flexible to seize these cost-saving opportunities. 

Sign up to the best vacation club in the Philippines

Join the premier vacation club in the Philippines – Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), and unlock exclusive privileges not only at Astoria Greenbelt but also at all other exceptional Astoria Hotels and Resorts properties. As an AVLCI member, you’re guaranteed the best rates, access to exclusive events and experiences, and plenty of more delightful surprises!  

Experience the best of Astoria Greenbelt! By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to securing the best deals for your next stay. So why wait? Book your getaway today and prepare to experience staycation bliss at Astoria Greenbelt. Contact our Reservation Office via email at or call us at +63 2 8550 – 1111 or +63 919 911 3946. Rest assured that everybody from our team will be more than happy to assist you in experiencing your next finest city vacation!  

Embark on unforgettable vacations across all Astoria properties by becoming a member of the Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), the biggest vacation club in the Philippines. Discover the biggest and most exclusive perks and discounts by visiting To protect yourself from any vacation club scams and timeshare scams, visit their official website and read more about  AVLCI reviews firsthand! 

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