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3 Ideas for a Laid-Back Dinner Date at Astoria Greenbelt

Setting up a dinner date is one of the most romantic highlights of every relationship. This is when you spend time with your loved one in a place that is special or interesting for both of you, just like Astoria Greenbelt. Some couples do recreational activities, mall shopping, or other gimmicks to make their special day memorable. But oftentimes, your significant other just wants to have chill time together and spend the night on a lovely dinner date. At our hotel in Makati, you can make your laid-back dinner dates romantic and enjoyable. Check out these ideas we have prepared to make your quality time with your bae one for the books.  

1. Enjoy movie night together in our spacious rooms. 

A movie marathon never fails to be one of the top simple choices in dating. You can watch your favorite films together while relishing your favorite food or drink on a cozy bed or sofa. It is so relaxing and intimate at the same time. The act may be common, but the thought of having a private and chill moment with your partner is truly a date to recall.  

2. Eat your favorite food together. 

The way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. Truly, food is a great motivator for everyone, and it pulls lovers even closer to one another. That is why we believe that preparing your meals for your special night can be more remarkable when done with your most cherished person. Luckily, preparing food for one another does not have to be complicated. You can order your favorite food together through food delivery services around Makati or call our in-house restaurant – Tableau, to prepare takeout food for two, and design a little romantic dine-in set up in your room, while listening to romantic music to lighten the lovely occasion. Then, you may enjoy eating your food together!  

3. Savor a gastronomic experience at our sought-after restaurant. 

While you are at the best hotel in Makati, don’t miss out on the chance to try the finest food and beverages at our crowd-favorite restaurant, Tableau. Pampering your taste buds together with scrumptious delicacies can fill your hearts with love and happiness. Excited to have an exquisite dining experience with your sweetheart?

Plan your romantic celebrations or casual dates in Astoria Greenbelt, as we will help you create more loving memories in our accommodations in the heart of Makati. Visit our website through to read more about the amenities and services. For inquiries and reservations, contact us at +63 2 8550 – 1111 or +63 919 911 3946.     

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